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Other services include laboratories and pharmacies at all AHF sites.Additionally, AHF Zambia trains future healthcare workers to care and treat people with HIV/AIDS.AHF Zambia is focused on expanding geographically, training more healthcare workers, and further developing the infrastructure of current sites.By April 2017, the program provided care and treatment to 65, 585 clients and that likely to steadily grow.HIV prevalence increases with age, peaking at 23 percent in the 40-44 age groups and declines thereafter.The percentage of respondents who are HIV positive generally increases with increasing education and wealth.HIV Testing, Prevention, and Advocacy: AHF Zambia has increased its effort to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by expanding its mobile services.

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In 2011, AHF Zambia’s efforts to geographically expand their service offerings began, which saw increased outreach to a wider array of communities to enrol more clients into care, as well as a multitude of construction and renovation projects on new and existing clinics, including the construction of AHF’s state-of-the-art ART clinic in Lusaka’s Chaisa area.

Patient- Centered HIV Care & Treatment: AHF Zambia’s three (3) stand-alone clinics are known for providing high-quality HIV treatment and services for about 14, 307 clients as of mid-April, 2017.