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Were you consciously trying to do something a bit grittier?I look for opportunities to learn and to communicate something to my soul.There are many roles that we do as actors because it’s work.Just like someone at an office job – there’s a lot of paper pushing you aren’t necessarily inspired by – and then every once in a while a project comes along that truly excites you. I think as an actor you have to realize you are constantly changing – I’m not the same person emotionally, spiritually or physically as I was five or ten years ago and so it’s natural that I would try to evolve in my work as well.There were certain talents Zach has that I had to cultivate in myself – like playing the piano.Other shades like his alcohol/drug dependency or the domestic abuse are not ‘played’.Zachary is simultaneously the protagonist and antagonist – but it’s a fight within himself.

The role is quite different from what we’ve seen from you previously.I think I’ll always be associated with different projects with different people.Certainly there’s a hard-core fan base for Dante’s Cove, travel enthusiasts who explore along with me on Bump! I’m a storyteller at heart and have explored many ways in which to practice that craft.fuente Charlie David has been enjoying a career filled with variety since making his name in the hit here! Recently Charlie's latest movie Judas Kiss, hit DVD here in the UK and proved to be something quite different from the usual LGBT output. I’m sailing in the South Pacific around Bora Bora for ten days shooting a new episode of my travel series Bump! weather is perfect, the people are friendly and I’m heading out to feed sharks and manta rays once I finish my own breakfast. That’s the miracle of being a passing passenger on this planet – each time it rotates it offers us a new beginning.

We caught up with Charlie to talk about the movie, discuss playing a grittier role and find out if Dante's Cove is ever coming back to our screens. This is a universal theme of the human experience and that’s why they are so relatable to an audience.

Este es un tema universal de la experiencia humana y por eso son tan relacionables a una audiencia.

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